• How much does it cost? We setup pricing so everything is included. The experimental setup, all curriculum, supplemental materials, training. We continue to develop more modules everyday so we believe the price of $4,500 provides a solid value for our customers.

  • When will the V Farm be delivered? We aim to deliver shipments within 30 days of purchase.

  • How do I place an order? You are able to place an order through our website or contact us if you need a purchase order.

  • What are the dimensions of the setup? The system is 25x13x73 (WxDXH) inches including wheels. Fits through any standard size door fully assembled.

  • Is there a yearly subscription? No, we offer flat rate pricing. We want our customers to focus on their students and not yearly fees. Flat pricing also helps our customers apply for supplemental grant funding. 

  • What about replacement parts? Each system comes with a one-year warranty on parts. Thereafter, we offer replacement parts for sale.  


  • What subjects do you cover? We provide units for biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture as well as supplemental material for mathematics focused on real life application and data analysis. Additional topics for purchase forthcoming.  

  • What is included with the curriculum? The curriculum includes all student materials, a pacing guide, instructor’s overview, individual teacher guides for each activity, answer keys for all included worksheets, grading rubrics for student labs and projects as well as a PowerPoint with pictures illustrating planting instructions.

  • What training is included? Teacher training includes how to set up and run the experiment as well as how to implement the curriculum in your classroom.

  • How does training work? We provide a 30 min live video conference to go over operation and instructional questions once you have received the unit. 

  • Are these materials available in other languages? Let us know you if this is something you are interested in and we would be happy to work to accommodate your request, if possible, for a fee.

  • Does this support online learning? Not currently. We are focused on delivering the best hands on experiment, curriculum and support possible.

  • Does this support standards based learning? Yes, we pride ourselves in providing a student focused, engaging learning experience that addresses many standards, practices, and concepts states want students to learn. The included grading rubrics can be easily adapted to fit your specific school’s mastery targets and objectives.

  • How long does the experiment take? A growth cycle typically takes between 7-10 calendar days. Most days the V Farm will operate with minimal interaction needed. The teacher should plan on a minimum of one class period for setup and planting and one class period for harvesting. Optional included activities provide opportunities to sustain class participation between planting and harvesting. 

  • Are there instructional videos? Instructional videos are under development.


  • What support is available? We provide a live 30 min video conference tutorial with each system purchase. We provide hands on personalized customer support about operation, curriculum, anything really. We want you to feel confident in using our product. 

  • What if I have follow up questions? We are always available by email to our customers for any further questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours.