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About Us


Building on 20 years of research and teaching experience, we knew there had to be a better way to engage students and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. We knew that tomorrow's leaders needed to learn cross cutting concepts today in order to solve the wicked problems of the future. With this focus in mind, we launched Vertical PlanIt to develop highly integrated curricular materials centered around experimental exercises. 

Why Vertical PlanIt?

Under-resourced and under-prepared educators across the country face an uphill climb ensuring curriculum meets evolving state standards while effectively engaging, teaching, and reaching students. Vertical PlanIt provides educators a ready-made experimental setup, complete with the cross-cutting curriculum and the high-quality training needed to enable seamless integration into the modern lesson plan. Moreover, Vertical PlanIt’s dynamic solution allows the administration to strategically and cost-effectively deploy curriculum to satisfy a range of learning objectives from NGSS and CC. With competitive pricing and high-touch, personalized training delivery, Vertical PlanIt is the toolkit every educator needs to succeed.